Monday, June 08, 2015

Prison break in New York

The recent prison break in New York has led people to suggest that they had in house help in escaping using power tools. The should consider that there might have been a 'break in' rather than a 'break out'. People from the outside may have brought power tools and first worked on the way in, then cut holes into the cells and brought the two men and the power tools to the outside. This scheme would allow them more time to cut through the various walls and more access to the tools needed.

Lem Yedowicz

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I have just read that the DNA under Nicole's finger nails did not match Simpson's DNA. This would be another indication that OJ Simpson did not partake in the double homicide - at least not directly.
The information put out in the criminal trial was that the DNA was inconclusive - but this later info seems to be more definitive.

Lem Yedowicz

Friday, March 09, 2007

A new article in Appleton Post underlines the EDTA evidence discrepancy in the OJ Simpson case. In the case discussed by Appleton the argument put forward by the prosecution was that no planting of blood evidence was made due to the complete lack of EDTA in their crime scene blood samples while old blood samples from the accused held a large amount of EDTA .
In the OJ Simpson case a fairly large amount of EDTA was found in th 'bedroom sock' even though the lab technician used a low sample rate for his tests and erased the tape record of his test settings.
This would tend to support the suspicion that the blood on 'bedroom sock' was planted.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It seems that a Montreal publishing company is interested in publishing OJ Simpson's book- with a new title. That would be good news if it relates some new information about the murders - or even reminders of information that has been overlooked or forgotten. I hope it won't just be another round of verbiage between him and Golden.
A number of murder cases recently have resulted in convictions based mostly on demeanor of the accused. One was based on an ex wife's testimony that he wasn't with her the night another woman was murdered and that was a change from her first testimony. No blood or hair from the accused was found at the murder scene although other hair was found.
In this day and age when forensic science has so progressed, more exculpatory weight should be given to lack of forensic evidence.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The smoke and mirrors just got intensified with the latest revelations regarding OJ Simpson's proposed book. The possibility of a witness should prompt people to try and recall the testimonies in the murder trial. We should have known by now the identity of the people heard by Rosa Lopez and Kato about 2:30 AM and especially the people Mark Fuhrman tracked by helicopter in their car at about 6:30 AM, all at Rockingham.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

So, Simpson has published a new book, 'If I did do it---' and the Goldens still stick with their contention that OJ Simpson was responsible for the double murder.
All this despite Bailey suggesting that other killers could be discerned with careful reading of the first trial testimonies. This happened before the final appeal. I don't know why Simpson or his attorneys don't point out the relevant evidence. Perhaps they are reluctant to admit that Fuhrman had done a better than good job of collecting evidence.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Referring to the book 'The Glove', the first trial of John Jones missed some important logical inferences because of two erroneous assumptions.
The first was to assume that either John Jones or Mart Feldman had dropped the second glove. There was a large gap in time during the night when neither were at this crime scene.
The second was to assume that the glove was dropped inside the hedge when Mart Feldman had testified that is was easy to pass your hand through the hedge from the street side. Therefore the glove could have been planted from the sidewalk side of the hedge.
Explanations for either men having dropped a moist or wet glove were very weak.